Corporate Advisory


Applying our experience developed across many and varied insolvency appointments that have involved the trading and sale of businesses, project managed wind downs and company restructures, we have a suite of skills that can be applied to informal engagements.

Business Viability Reviews

We are experienced at conducting business viability reviews for directors and secured lenders.
Where a review is conducted for the directors, the focus is on business improvement, debt reduction and restructuring options.

Where a review is conducted for a secured lender, this will usually be to provide an independant view of management and the business where the lender is concerned about the security of existing facilities. Alternatively, a secured lender may require a business review prior to any additional lending to an existing customer to assess serviceability on the new lending.

Due Diligence

Due to our experience in selling businesses and conducting viability reviews, we are engaged from time to time to perform due diligence for a client on a potential business purchase. Our role in this instance will normally be to act for the purchaser as one party in a transaction team where we review the target business under an agreed scope with the purchaser and/or their advisors.

If the due diligence results in the client making a successful offer for the business, our role can then extend to assisting with the acquisition.

Commercial Negotiations

We are engaged by clients to assist them in various commercial negotiation situations. This can range from advising on defences to unfair preference claims, negotiating on behalf of a purchaser to acquire a business that is subject to a form of insolvency administration, or acting on behalf of a party in a general commercial negotiation where communication between the parties has stalled.