Current Matters

New South Wales


Company NameContactAppointment Date
Legal Fund Pty LtdDane Skinner8/10/2014
Photo Corporation of Australia Pty LtdDane Skinner23/10/2014
Protect Ensure Pty LtdDane Skinner12/06/2015
Mackay’s Transport Management Pty LtdDane Skinner20/07/2015
Helsal Yachting & Leisure Pty LtdDane Skinner21/07/2015
Paltos Milevski Family Lawyers (Partnership)Dane Skinner21/04/2016
Belle Eve Investments Pty LtdDane Skinner5/05/2016
Sydney Allen Printers Pty LimitedDane Skinner13/05/2016
Hargraves Urban Pty LimitedDane Skinner27/07/2016
Advanced Fuel Tanks Pty LtdDane Skinner17/10/2016
Negev Investments Pty LtdMichelle Suresh24/01/2017
M R Utilities Pty LtdDane Skinner24/02/2017
FNL QLD Pty LtdDane Skinner22/03/2017
8 Services Pty LtdDane Skinner3/04/2017
Organic Response Investors Pty LtdDane Skinner3/04/2017
Organic Response Pty LimitedMichelle Suresh3/04/2017
Outsource 8 Pty LtdMichelle Suresh3/04/2017
Local Traffic Services (NSW) Pty LimitedPeter Eza7/06/2017
Chadwick Jones Consulting Pty LtdPeter Eza24/07/2017
Bon Bon Investments Pty LimitedDane Skinner27/07/2017
Bon Bon Strand Pty LimitedDane Skinner27/07/2017
Danhold Pty LimitedDane Skinner27/07/2017
Bon Fleur Australia Pty LtdDane Skinner7/02/2018
Belmont Sportsmans Club Co-operative LimitedDane Skinner14/02/2018
JRSR Enterprises Pty LtdDane Skinner23/03/2018
Clubhouse Coogee Pty LimitedDane Skinner6/04/2018
Cassia BSL Pty LtdDane Skinner16/04/2018
Greentemp Pty LimitedMichelle Suresh16/04/2018
Transblue Pty LtdMichelle Suresh16/04/2018
Weigh-Tech (Sales)Michelle Suresh16/04/2018
Enco Project Services Pty LtdDane Skinner30/05/2018
Resort Style Homes Pty LtdDane Skinner17/08/2018
PCROS Pty LtdDane Skinner31/10/2018
Next DTP Pty ltdDane Skinner9/11/2018
Morphate Pty LtdDane Skinner26/11/2018
Lachlan Valley Machinery Pty LtdDane Skinner11/12/2018
SBV Holdings Pty LtdDane Skinner2/04/2019
Barter Trade Management Pty LtdDane Skinner16/05/2019
Graymore Couries Pty. Ltd.Dane Skinner30/05/2019
Karma Café and Fitness Pty LtdDane Skinner4/07/2019
Scotview Pty. Ltd.Dane Skinner28/06/2019
Market Express TransportDane Skinner16/09/2019
Pink Diamond Landscapes Pty LtdDane Skinner20/09/2019
Pardy Investments Pty LtdDane Skinner13/12/2019
Pardy Holdings Pty LtdDane Skinner13/12/2019
Haliteon Pty LtdDane Skinner13/12/2019
Tim Fisher Logistics Pty LtdDane Skinner18/12/2019
Mortons Meats Pty. Ltd.Dane Skinner27/02/2020
Enco Projects Pty LtdDane Skinner11/03/2020
Wyton Employment Pty LtdDane Skinner12/03/2020


Company NameContactAppointment Date
Starlink International Services Pty LtdWilliam Darsow18/01/2011
SFE Structural Pty LtdWilliam Darsow15/02/2016
Red Mulga (SA) Pty LtdWilliam Darsow17/02/2016
RM Labour Hire Pty LtdWilliam Sperou16/12/2016
Promptair Pty LtdWilliam Darsow14/03/2017
LFDM Pty Ltd
(Iannace Refrigerated Transport)
William Sperou10/05/2018
Creative Commercial Interiors Pty LtdWilliam Sperou6/08/2018
Aussie Hoist Property Pty LtdWilliam Sperou5/12/2018
JTHO Pty LtdWilliam Darsow17/04/2019
Wheelchair Sports Association of South Australia Inc (Also known as Disability and Sports Recreation SA)William Sperou19/05/2019
The Shredder Pty LtdWilliam Sperou28/05/2019
ACN 117 802 258 Pty Ltd
formerly Roxby Engineering & Fabrication Pty Ltd
William Sperou7/06/2019
Roxale Enterprises Pty LtdWilliam Sperou17/07/2019
Casalbore Investments Pty LtdWilliam Sperou19/07/2019
Boutique Health DistributorsWilliam Darsow16/08/2019
Prime Power Products Pty LtdWill Sperou8/11/2019
S K Planning Pty LtdBelinda Vella3/12/2019
Romeo Investments (Aust) Pty LtdWill Sperou17/2/2020
Just Clik Express Pty LtdWill Sperou4/03/2020
Ferry’s table (SA) Pty LtdWill Sperou4/03/2020